Western Skillet (The Podcast: Episode 25)

On this episode of My Mental Breakdown; Caleb, D, and Ashley react to the "Real Life Frank Castle," Male Rompers, and the new Western Skillet? They also discuss the ins and outs of what makes Cosplay an artform, and what also makes it good fun for everyone!

Cosplay & Assault: The Convention Epidemic (The Podcast: Episode 22)

On this episode of My Mental Breakdown; Caleb, Cassidy, Ashley, & Brad discuss the current issue of sexual assault on women at comic book & gaming conventions. They breakdown how this issue comes to be in the first place and what we can do to help stop it. Caleb and Cass also tell the Breakdown crew their thoughts on the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

100% Last Minute Magic (Episode 21) (The Podcast)

On this episode of My Mental Breakdown; Caleb, D, and Brad talk with Morgan Kollin (from Midwest Media Expo and Youmacon) about the last minute convention NotCon 2017 in Detroit! They also discuss Brad's experience with sports parents and Caleb shares a story about some ladies trying to explain Infinity Stones.

My Mental Breakdown Reviews: Persona 5

Persona 5 is the culmination of twenty years of tinkering from the people over at Atlus. The latest entry is by far the greatest and exhibits the improvement of the series. Providing charming characters, with entertaining combat, with excellent art and music; Persona 5 is not only the best game in the series to date, it's one of the greatest JRPGs of all time.

The SALT Is Strong

On the 9th episode of My Mental Breakdown: The Podcast, we had the opportunity to interview the Founder of Pass the Salt Ministries and host of Coach Dave Live, Dave Daubenmire.

Hall Around the World

On the most recent episode of My Mental Breakdown: The Podcast, Brad and Caleb sat down and talked with Jeremy Hall of "Hall Around the World" about his upcoming church planting move to Calgary Ontario... You can go to¬†www.hallaroundtheworld.org to learn more about Jeremy and Laurel's move to Canada, as well as how you can... Continue Reading →

Tomi Lahren and the American Hive Mind

Both political ideologies reject or dismiss any ideas that may challenge their stance. Those who dare question the status quo are treated like a virus by their peers. They quickly suppress and silence the dissenter like white blood cells attacking a foreign body. Those who subscribe to a single liberal or conservative ideal are expected to conform to the entire mindset of the group. They are expected to join into the collective brain and participate in a gigantic example of groupthink rather than add their own unique voice to the narrative.

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