Micah Stillwater

the soul of my artistic identity

Micah Stillwater has taken an interesting public eye during the last year since I decided to publish The Heartwood Trilogy. As the protagonist, people…know him now. And people sort of know that he’s been around for a while, but that doesn’t seem to quite cover it.

Truthfully, Micah is in a large way how I’ve chosen to identify myself within my work, in the sense of a Mary Sue or a self-insert. I don’t mind admitting that, as I’ve never claimed not to be that type of artist or writer. And anyway, trying to deny it would be selling myself short of how much he’s done for me as a character.

Micah has always been two steps ahead of me, always knowing me deeper than I do and in turn himself. He stumbled through our teen years, into adulthood, to come to star in his own trilogy. Oh yeah! He’s even on my leg now.

There are few projects he hasn’t at least made a cameo in because I simply can’t resist. Writing him is like slipping back into my favorite sweater, keeping me grounded in myself. He is ever a comfort, ever full of wisdom and ever prepared to call me on my bullshit.

micah through the stories

Check out Micah’s role in each of my projects over the years.

Myoku Sato


Myoku is the protective big brother who is in all the action and taking care of everyone. He cracks jokes to avoid being terrified.

Chris Stevens


Chris is an ancillary character who gets kidnapped by the rebels and joins their cause.

Micah Evereaux

Redefining Evil

Reprising his role as the protective big brother, Micah is at his angriest in Redefining Evil, bitter and prejudiced and also very injured for most of the story.


The Cadence of a Restless Heart

The brother of one of the main kings, Colyn is a very good support, funny and magical and passionate.

Micah Stillwater

Farewell, Fairytale

Micah is the fiance of the main character’s big sister so his role is slightly ancillary, but he and said fiancee have the best art that came out of the book.

Micah Taylor


Micah is barely in Unface except to harass his baby sister and chastise her for being dreamy which is silly.

Casper Addington

Stealing from Raquildis

Casper is the thief in this short story, a charming school teacher curious about the rumored witch in the woods.

Micah Stillwater

Code: Compromised

Micah is a below average coding student who is selected to intern with master code summoner Andrew Vidasche.

Micah Stillwater

The Heartwood Trilogy

Micah stars as a half-Fae prince trying to manage the Folk living over the city of Saint Paul. He struggles to come into his own power and face his own fears of the Folk, having been bullied by the Folk in the Redwoods and fearful in the shadow of his wicked Fae mother, the Redwood Queen. When he meets Andrew, a human who has been haunted by Micah’s Fae sister Ingrid, Micah is determined not to let his magical nature bring Andrew to harm. Over the course of the trilogy, this means Micah must be honest and stop gritting his teeth to pretend for his father Julian’s sake that he is just a normal human.

a gallery of micah

a visual tour of micah through the years