When an injured wolf stumbles into Sophie Lemars’ back yard, her daydreaming mind becomes certain that he is part of her own fairytale. And he is – sort of.The world he brings her into – Caelum, to be precise – is unlike her own in even the simple way of being home to a cyclops, a fiesty woman named Mena; Find, a British palm-sized talking dragon; and a vengeful magic-using detective out to make Sophie’s wolf pay for his theft.

But her prince charming, the cursed wolf Fyodor, is certainly not a prince and he’s only charming when he feels like it.

Not to mention, explaining an alternate universe or sudden absences that may or may not be voluntary to your high school classmates does not go over well. Sophie’s older sister, the rather uptight Elodie, does not seem too excited about Sophie’s discovery of Caelum, either.

Like a modern Beauty and the Beast or a cheekier fable, Farewell, Fairytale doesn’t really say goodbye to the charms of childhood imagination.


This tale was when I realized I may be better off writing novels. The beginning pages of the manga were not highly visual, which encouraged me to switch to writing. This novel, however, managed to remain light-hearted and sweet.

recurring characters

This iteration began to merge Sophie from Unface with Ingrid from Redefining Evil. Her older sister Elodie is from Rebels, and is engaged to Micah. Andrew appears as the scholar turned fire lizard, Find. Shani from Nikkei appears as Sophie’s ditzy best friend.