call forth the moonlight

The breath of the gods flows forth from the bedrock of Deubrise, gifting some but not all with the ability to wield magiq. Such magiqon were once celebrated and esteemed but now they live in secret, like Professor Alister Henry. He utilizes his academic position to try to create systematic change to improve the quality of life for magiqon and to push for legislative change.

Unfortunately, his radical position ends up getting him fired from Ravensbourne University. It’s then that a mysterious letter arrives inviting him to participate in a study by becoming a gamekeeper at a remote manor. He discovers a gryphon living imprisoned there, easily bonding with the dangerous creature. But when its childhood family breaks it out of captivity, chaos ensues – as does chemistry between Alister and handsome farmer Nico. When Alister discovers Nico’s younger sister Stella is also a powerful magiqon, will this secret tear them apart, or allow them the opportunity to stop living in fear and isolation?


I can’t pretend like my primary inspiration for Call Forth the Moonlight wasn’t NaNoWriMo, even though there was some controversy over that as there are all things. I started the project wanting to finally set a book in my memories of New Zealand, to write a slow burn romance, and to focus on found family and radicalism. This book ends up being described as a “eco punk” novel wherein tech battles with environment in a way that pushes against the industrialization of society. It also ends up being very allegorical for gay and trans rights as this deeply affects many people I love.

I wasn’t sure until the day I was first brainstorming that it was going to center around a gryphon, which ended up being a challenging research endeavor to feel competent in managing the body, speech, and flight of a gryphon.

recurring characters

Alister and Nico began as approximations of Andrew and Micah. Alister took off on his own pretty quickly but Nico was pretty stubborn there for a bit. He really wanted to be Micah. I think I did a good job at uncleaving them but the project is still young and I hope to continue pushing both of them as the drafts progress.